Saturday, 5 April 2014

King of Varanasi!

Voter of Varanasi which is hailed as the oldest city of the world want development but they are unanimously of the view that it shouldn't be on the cost of peace or the agenda of divisive politics.

On Varanasi's ghats where the Hindus cremate their dead and where the festival of holi is played with ash, Ganga is considered to be so pure that it could wash the dirty sins of humans, but now it has been turned into a filthy and dirty river, yet the followers of Modi believe he can clean the river if he is elected as the Prime Minister of the country.

It has been always believed that the race to become the PM goes through UP. Whoever wants to try and achieve this objective have to first successfully capture the seats in this state.

Mr Modi's appeal as a progressive leader cuts across caste and class in a city which has seen no development, even though it has been represented by a BJP MP in five of the last six Lok Sabha elections. I believe development in Gujarat, constantly held up as Mr Modi's great triumph, is not inclusive. And that the lives of Muslims and the areas they live in have not improved. Modi is a marketing guru of sort who is selling the frustrated and helpless people of this country dreams, which are so vague that even he wouldn't know how to turn them into reality.

But Mr Modi's fans say he will change their destiny by providing employment and other opportunities to improve their lives. Naturally, the expectations of the people of Varanasi from Mr Modi are high, that he will restore the city's ancient glory and rescue their future. But that's not why the BJP's prime ministerial candidate chose this constituency. In the last Lok Sabha elections, the BJP won just two of the 32 seats in Eastern Uttar Pradesh. In order to win UP, they must sweep this region. Mr Modi from Varanasi is their best bet. 

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